Natural-look surfaces, deliver the fulfillment of
emotions through luxurious textures and patterns

Leading the LVT flooring market, Gaiamaru is the
industry's standard in Indonesia

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The best vinyl flooring from Korea only available in Gaia Maru. PT Gaia Maru provides high quality vinyl plank as the prominent vinyl flooring supplier with wood pattern. Find stores and distributors of Gaia Maru luxury vinyl flooring made in Korea. Gaia Maru is the pioneer of vinyl flooring in Indonesia since 2008 which provides luxurious vinyl flooring made in Korea.


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Gaia Maru accentuates their vinyl plank quality

Find affordable vinyl flooring in Gaia Maru

Extensive and high quality vinyl plank flooring made in Korea can only be found in Gaia Maru. Luxury vinyl from Gaia Maru can be installed oon floors and walls. It is easy to install, clean, and care for LVT provided by Gaia Maru. Choose products only from Gaia Maru who is an expert in the luxury vinyl flooring field.

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